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Initial 1:1 Meeting with BHS staff

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on May 19, 2010 at 5:32:27 pm

May 18, 2010



Patrick Larkin - Principal

Eric Conti - Superintendent

Timothy Calvin - English

Robert Parkin - Social Studies

Adam Chiocca - ELL

Josh Murphy - Mathematics

Susan Price - Foreign Language

Renee Dacey - Foreign Language



The first meeting was a brainstorming session to start to focus on the priorities for our 1:1 plan.  The line of the day was from a teacher who said the following about the implementation - "We are going to be the (biggest) problem here."


Priority items (in no particular order)

Getting teachers laptops

Professional Development Plans

The Sustainability?

What platform?  Cost?  
Same virtual software with blink. Does it matter? 
Mac - Professional Development - 
Mandate purchase or school going to purchase?
Support and maintenance?  End of the school year students turn in the laptops and then get them back in September.
Tech. Support 
 Getting teachers laptops - 
Grades 1-8 - all have laptops.  
Do we need to choose a platform right now.
Logistics - power - supply -  
We'll get stuff - Equip the cafeteria 
How do we better support people with what they have. Gmail account - google reader for all teachers - 
Tech Professional Development - Student and Parent support - 
Professional Development - 
Technical support - 
Blue Ribbon Institute - Reading High School has something every week surrounding PD.  Did everything possible to allow teachers to be updated. Salem State and a couple of other colleges. Forum for teachers to develop.
Google Reader account for all teachers.  
Fear about what is going to happen. Worries from teachers - fears that teachers get. I can't see what is on their screen.  
Physical space -  
"We are going to be the biggest (problem) here." 
Workshops you can do during the summer. Tech opportunities.  Separate Icon for PD.  

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